A deeper look at our primitive reflexes and how they work together

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A deeper look at our primitive reflexes and how they work together

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I’ve been studying reflexes for almost thirty years. If you’ve listened to my podcast for a long time, you’ll know that I talk about them frequently and that I’ve even done a series just on reflexes. You’ll also know that I am quite passionate about these reflexes and why they’re so important for us to talk about. So today we’re back in the world of reflexes. My goal for this episode is to take a deep dive into the way that our withdrawal reflexes, primitive reflexes, and postural reflexes are all interconnected rather than just looking at individual reflexes.

Everything we do can be linked back to reflexes. Reflexes that are firing at a heightened level can cause all kinds of chaos in a little person’s life. Many of the “behaviours” children struggle with can actually be explained when we take a look at their reflexes and whether or not they have integrated properly. It’s not innate in us to not be able to self-regulate so if things don’t seem to be functioning as expected, get a professional opinion. The earlier an intervention is made, the more easily a change can be made.

In this episode, we cover:

  • An explanation of central pattern generators
  • What withdrawal reflexes look like in an adult
  • Why some children have heightened withdrawal responses and what the consequences of this are
  • The cost of adaptation in children
  • How the moro reflex is linked with our primitive reflexes
  • Identifying a retained moro reflex in your kids
  • How postural reflexes should develop and signs that they might not be functioning properly

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