ADHD and how to teach your kids motivation

ADHD and how to teach your kids motivation with Dr. Laura Hanson

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If you’ve been listening to the last few episodes, then you’ll know I’ve been doing a mini series on ADD and ADHD. There is so much to cover on this topic but it is so important to have a good understanding of these disorders so that we can help find the root cause of these symptoms. Unfortunately ADD and ADHD are thought to be very normal, but just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal. Doctors are usually just treating the symptoms of ADD or ADHD subjectively and not actually objectively looking at the brain chemistry or the root cause of the symptoms. Sometimes a child might truly have an attention disorder but oftentimes there are other factors causing ADD and ADHD-like symptoms. At Connect My Brain we look at the cause rather than the symptoms because there is always more to the story and we can’t just look at the outcome.

Today I want to focus specifically on motivation. Every parent who has brought their child to me because of attention issues also says that their child is not motivated. First off, it is important to know that, just like attention, motivation has a sequence of development in our brains. Motivation is an internal process and we need to teach this process to our kids starting when they are toddlers! Expectation leads to motivation. We need to teach our kids to clean up, be involved, and contribute to the home. This is easiest to teach when our kids our toddlers because we can gradually increase expectation as our children grow. However, it is possible to implement this with older children, but you will experience more resistance and it will take several months to see a change. In this episode I’ll talk about creating the environment and tone you want for your home, setting age-appropriate expectations for your kids, and why it’s so important to be consistent with our kids from the time they are young. You’ve been given the gift of a child and it is your job to raise them to be an adult that can contribute to the world. At Connect My Brain we are here to support you and help you figure out what will work for you and your family.

In this episode, we cover:

  • A quick overview of the past three episodes
  • Our brains and motivation
  • The surprising research about motivation and our brains
  • Treating the causes of attention issues and not the symptoms
  • My own experience with motivation
  • How exercise boosts motivation
  • Teaching our kids age-appropriate motivation starting in toddlerhood
  • How expectation leads to motivation
  • Why chores are an important step in teaching your child motivation
  • Change might be hard but it is possible.
  • What happens when expectations are too hard
  • How Connect My Brain can help

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