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ADHD or just the wrong diet? How food affects your focus with Dr. Laura Hanson

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In the past two episodes we’ve talked about ADD and ADHD and the history surrounding these diagnoses as well as the medications used to treat them. Today we’re going to continue the conversation on ADD and ADHD. This topic is so broad that I couldn’t possibly cover everything, but I really want to help you understand the complexities of these disorders. It worries me that society has come to a place where attention issues are considered normal. If your child is struggling with any type of focus and attention, this information is for you.

When it comes to children, I think we’ve really missed the boat because there are many reasons why people have attention issues. Today we’re going to look at one of these “causes” of ADD and ADHD – diet and nutrition. I have seen cases where children act like they are never full and eat an incredible amount of food at a time. Afterwards, they appear extremely hyperactive and it would be easy to assume that they have ADHD or just had too much sugar, but we need to go back and look at what is causing the immense hunger. It could be that the child has nutritional deficiencies that aren’t being met, and after eating a large amount, it appears they have ADHD because their body isn’t able to properly process the nutrients in their food.

On the flip side, we might think a child has ADD but in reality their metabolic needs are not being met. In some cases we would see a child’s ability to focus drastically improve if they were able to eat more frequently. As we go through the episode, I’ll talk about brainwaves and what is actually going on in our brains when we’re hungry and how diet can actually alter our brain chemistry leading to problems with paying attention, impulsivity, social interactions, and motivation. I’ll also talk about what we do at Connect My Brain and how we can help you and your child.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How attention is developed
  • Why your genes aren’t enough to determine your state of health
  • How ADD and ADHD present in the brain
  • Other reasons children have problems paying attention
  • How your diet influences your ability to focus
  • How metabolic needs are misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD
  • Why kids should be eating something every couple of hours
  • Functions of areas of the brain linked to attention issues
  • How Connect My Brain can help

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More about Connect My Brain:

Why is this happening to my kid and what can I do about it? If you’re the parent of a developmentally delayed child, you’ve probably asked this question more than once. That’s where I come in! I’m Dr. Laura Hanson and I specialize in identifying the “why” and telling you the “what.” Join me every Thursday for a deeper look at how our brains are wired and how to get the most out of your mind. Are you looking to break negative patterns, overcome mood disorders, or optimize your potential? Maybe your child struggles with ADHD, OCD or other learning difficulties. Tune in to Connect My Brain, where I explain concepts like biofeedback and neurofeedback, brainwave frequencies, and much more. Let me help you change your life by changing your mind! Contact me HERE.


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