An 8 year old boy with a variety of health problems, anxiety and suspected ADD [Case Study]

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An 8 year old boy with a variety of health problems, anxiety and suspected ADD

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Welcome back to the Connect My Brain podcast. Today I’m going to be sharing another case study with you, this time of an 8-year old boy who struggled with anxiety, a suspected attention deficit disorder, and all kinds of other health issues such as asthma, eczema, and poor balance. As we explore his story together, I’ll talk you through everything from his mom’s pregnancy to his infancy and toddler years to now. It’s remarkable how a child’s circumstances and environment have such an impact on development. My hope is that these case studies will help bring awareness and hope to some of the struggles you might face with your own children. When I first met this boy, he had all kinds of struggles, but his story of change, healing, and health will definitely give you hope!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why I spend so much time on patient histories
  • The problem with antibiotics
  • How gut health impacts the rest of your body
  • Events that can interrupt normal development
  • What I found during my initial tests and how I approached this child’s treatment
  • What worked for this child

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