An introduction to collaborative healthcare

An introduction to collaborative healthcare

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Today I’m starting a new series on collaborative healthcare. In this series we are going to take a look at what it means for professionals to come together and collaborate to treat a patient. I recently opened a new office called Brain and Body Rehabilitation Specialists and this is exactly what we do there! Our office uses an integrative approach which means we look at the entire person before even starting treatment. We look at the mechanical, chemical, and brain components of a person and integrate many different therapies in order to work with an individual. In the next few episodes, I’ll be intereviewing the other healthcare professionals who work at Brain and Body Rehabilitation Specialists and they’ll be sharing about their specialties and how they contribute to an integrative and collaborative healthcare model.

In this episode, we cover:

  • An introduction to the collaborative healthcare series
  • Dr. Laura’s personal journey to practicing integrative healthcare
  • Why patient-centered healthcare matters
  • Examples of what collaborative healthcare looks like

Resources mentioned:

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