Are kids really resilient?

Are kids really resilient? with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Have you ever heard someone say, “kids are so resilient”? This is a phrase I hear all the time, but as someone who has worked closely with children for over twenty years, I really question this phrase. Are children actually resilient? And what factors impact a child’s resilience? In my practice, I’ve noticed that many children are so hard on themselves when it comes to the smallest things. When a child makes a mistake (even a small one) they are full of disapproval and disappointment towards their own self and when they do do something correctly, they can’t even allow themselves to feel excited.

We need to break this pattern or it will eventually penetrate every aspect of that child’s life. This self-judgement that kids are experiencing may just start as an academic issue, but can eventually impact a child in other ways including their social and emotional well-being. Ou brains are designed to love learning. If a child is so hard on themselves that they don’t enjoy learning, this should be a red flag. What has happened to them that they are pulling away from learning rather than running towards it? In this episode I’ll talk about some of these factors and also share some hope for the parent whose child is struggling to enjoy school and seems to be beating themselves up for the smallest things.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Are kids really resilient?
  • Why kids are so hard on themselves and why we need to break this pattern now
  • Why a child who doesn’t enjoy school should raise a red flag
  • Things that influence how easy it will be for a child to learn
  • Struggles faced by adopted kids
  • Creating new opportunities out of disappointment
  • Teaching kids to get “unstuck”
  • Meeting kids where they’re at
  • Hitting developmental milestones is necessary
  • We need to listen to our kids

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