Beyond medication: Homeschooling and other paths to support children with learning difficulties

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Beyond medication: Homeschooling and other paths to support children with learning difficulties

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Today’s episode is a little bit different than what I’ve been doing in the past few podcasts. This episode is a bit more casual and instead of trying to teach a bunch of new information. My goal is to connect the dots and piece together some of the things I’ve been talking about. Specifically today, I want to talk about kids who struggle in school and what you can do as a parent if you’re feeling overwhelmed about how to help your kids.

I think it’s extremely unfortunate that our traditional healthcare system makes it seem like once you have a problem or get a label you’re just stuck with it. I believe that healthcare practitioners need to work together and really open our minds to the possibilities of what we can do to bring restoration to our patients.

When it comes to school, parents are stressed about how their kids are doing and being told that their kids are holding the rest of the class back and that they need to be medicated for the greater good. I don’t want you to feel stressed or defeated if you hear this. I want you to feel empowered!

As a parent, you do not need to feel like medication is the only option for your child. In this episode I’ll share some of the common obstacles that could be impeding your child’s capacity to learn and what kind of help is available if you have a child who is struggling.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Obstacles to a child’s capacity to learn
  • Why you need to think about what your child is eating
  • How diet can influence learning capacity
  • Auditory and visual problems that can disrupt learning
  • Should your child use medication to treat their behaviors?
  • Eye movement testing and what we can learn from it
  • Why medication is (probably) not the answer
  • Feeling empowered instead of defeated
  • Considerations when choosing a school
  • Resources and help available from Connect My Brain
  • Exciting things coming up at Connect My Brain

Resources mentioned:

More about Connect My Brain:

Why is this happening to my kid and what can I do about it? If you are the parent of a developmentally delayed child then you’ve probably asked this question more than once. That’s where I come in! I’m Dr. Laura Hanson and I specialize in identifying the “why” and telling you the “what.” Join me every Thursday for a deeper look at how our brains are wired and how to get the most out of your mind. Are you looking to break negative patterns, overcome mood disorders, or optimize your potential? Maybe your child struggles with ADHD, OCD or other learning difficulties. Tune in to Connect My Brain, where I explain concepts like biofeedback and neurofeedback, brainwave frequencies, and much more. Let me help you change your life by changing your mind! Contact me HERE.


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