Brain-Based Chiropractic Care in Sandy Springs

Chiropractic Sandy Springs GA Brain-Based Health Care For Adults

Brain-based chiropractic care is an innovative tool Connect My Brain uses to care for the body and mind. At our chiropractic clinic in Sandy Springs, we view the body as one unit and have found that brain health is intricately connected to the physical health and functionality of the body and brain. CMB uses brain-based chiropractic care to ensure optimal results for our patients.

What is Brain-based Chiropractic Care in Sandy Springs?

Brain-based chiropractic care expands the scope of a chiropractic adjustment beyond surface-level pain management. This approach enables Connect My Brain to assess an individual’s “problem areas” to identify underlying health issues.

How are the brain and the body connected?

Trust us, it’s all connected. When brainwave frequencies are outside of their intended ranges, symptomatic responses manifest in the body. Anxiety, mental disorders, like ADD or ADHD, clouded thinking, and other commonly known mental stressors are results of disruptive patterns in the brain. Our office specializes in using brain-based chiropractic adjustments to break the unhealthy patterns in the brain and optimize the function of the body.

Traditional Chiropractic vs. Brain-Based Chiropractic

Whether brain-based or traditional, the chiropractic adjustment is a phenomenal tool to promote health in the body. Brain-based chiropractic care enables Connect My Brain to offer our patients real, lasting freedom from their routines of pain. It equips our office with the ability to dig deep under surface-level discomfort to discover the root cause of pain, which often results from an unbalanced brain or an underlying health issue in another part of the body.

Did you know?

Chiropractic adjustments can break relentless patterns in the brain, like unhealthy thought loops, bad moods, and fatigue. Once the pattern is broken, the brain can be changed through neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s way of reorganizing itself to support the human experience. This process can take awhile, but Connect My Brain in Sandy Springs offers neurofeedback services to accelerate and optimize neuroplasticity to help you or your child begin heading in a more positive and effective direction.

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