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The Importance of Cholesterol

The Importance of Cholesterol Did you know that only 20% of your cholesterol comes from your food? Nowadays, there’s this belief that you need to constantly be lowering your cholesterol by improving your diet. But this is not done solely through food. High cholesterol is also caused by chronic stress. High cholesterol can clog your […]
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The Immune System and Common Childhood Illnesses

The Immune System and Common Childhood Illnesses The immune system is the hallmark of how our body’s chemistry interacts with its environment. It sets the tone for how we handle our environment, as well as everything that goes on in our body. The first few years of development are especially important, as the system does […]
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Gut Health and Brain Development

Gut Health and Brain Development The human body lives by the food that we eat, so it’s vital that we pay attention to what we ingest. This is especially important for babies and toddlers, as the gut takes two years to develop so anything that happens during that time can have a ripple effect for […]
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The Birth Process and Physiological Development

The Birth Process and Physiological Development Did you know that cesarean sections account for about 32% of all total births in the United States? While a c-section can sometimes be the best option for both the mother and the baby, parents often choose this option because they believe that it is more convenient and less […]
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The Moro Reflex

The Moro Reflex The Moro reflex is also known as the startle reflex, as it often occurs when a baby is startled by a loud noise or sudden movement. It starts developing at around nine weeks into a pregnancy, and continues during the first four or so months of life. In the neurology of the […]
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Interruptions in Developmental Milestones

Interruptions in Developmental Milestones Developmental delay is caused when there are interruptions in developmental milestones. Basically, these milestones are a blueprint for childhood development, and each part is essential to building the foundation in a childs’ brain. If even one part of the developmental process is missing, it can cause problems now and later in […]
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Food Based Behavior

Food Based Behavior Did you know a food can actually cause you to act as if you have ADHD? Many kids and even adults who have been labeled ADHD are actually hypoglycemic. This is how hypoglycemia works: Your brain needs three things: It needs oxygen It needs stimulation It needs glucose Glucose is your fuel […]
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