Child Development

Infant Suffocation (SIDS)

Infant Suffocation (SIDS) One of the things more noticed in young parents is that there is a fear that their child will suffocate in their sleep and they won’t be able to get there in time. One important part of development is that your baby gets put down on their stomach, back, and both sides. With […]
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Effect Of Stress On The Brain

Dr. Laura Hanson, D.C., D.I.C.C.P., NDT, is a board certified chiropractic pediatric diplomat, neuro-development and has completed Master’s coursework in Nutrition. Dr. Hanson is recognized domestically and internationally through her personal teachings to health care professionals, teachers, and parents on the progression of pediatric development. Dr. Hanson has practiced since 1996 in the area of pediatric development […]
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CO2 and O2 balance in sandy springs

Balance Between CO2 and 02 In Children

The Balance Between C02 and 02 In Children. In previous posts we have talked about the moro reflex, which activates three things in your neurology. arousal which matures up to attention and perception. it also activates the sympathetic nervous system. This reflex turns on around nine weeks of pregnancy and is expected to be integrated […]
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turning on the nervous system

Turning On The Nervous System

Pediatric neurology has an interesting background. There are a group of reflexes that turn on the human nervous system. The wiring for all humans starts with another entity called central pattern generators which precede reflexes. I am here today to explain all of these terms. A central pattern generator otherwise known as a neural oscillator is […]
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crawling baby, sandy springs chiropractor


Many parents ask about crawling and if it is important or not. There is a sequence of events that must happen before a child will ever start to use the first movements of opposite arms and legs. If a child is crawling, it means that both sides of their brain are able to communicate with each other. When […]
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sandy springs chiropractor

Is Your Child Headed In The Right Direction?

Is your child headed in the right direction? As a parent it is important for you to understand child development and how your own child is developing. In this video I talk about lateralization, also known as cerebral dominance. During the first three years babies heads grow at an enormous rate. They are bigger than any other […]
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sympathetic nervous system, sandy springs

Sympathetic Nervous System

As promised we are going to talk about the sympathetic nervous system. This is the heart of what I focus on in my practice. It is important in human physiology for us to understand the sympathetic nervous system. In the first four months after a baby is born, the moro reflex is in control. It is […]
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Why Children Meltdown I have many parents come in and talk to me about why children meltdown in Sandy Springs. There are many reasons why children have meltdowns. It is very similar to working with a baby. First you should always ask yourself if your child is hungry, tired, or if their diaper is wet. […]
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