Chronic stress in adults and how it changes our brains

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Chronic stress in adults and how it changes our brains

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Did you know your brain actually listens to you? How many times have you said the words, “I’m stressed.”? When you say things like this, your brain is paying attention and eventually will start to act accordingly. As adults, it’s easy for us to focus on the things we think we’re doing wrong in our lives, forgetting to celebrate our successes.

Last week we took a look at chronic stress in kids and today we’re going to talk about the influence of chronic stress on adults. The longer stress goes on in our bodies, the larger the impact it has. However, you probably won’t notice this happening because it’s a very gradual change. Yet, if left unchecked, stress will eventually have an impact on every area of your life. In this episode, I’ll talk about areas where stress may be creeping in, why exercise is key to a healthy brain, what’s going on in a brain with PTSD, and the good news – that you can change your brain!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Areas in your life where stress can have influence
  • The difference between acute stress and chronic stress
  • How exercise actually helps your brain stay healthy and enhances learning
  • What’s happening in a brain with PTSD
  • The good news – you can change your brain!

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