Common interruptions in childhood developmental milestones

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Common interruptions in childhood developmental milestones

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Today we are continuing our series on child development. If you listened to the previous episode, then you’ll recall that the CDC recently changed the developmental milestones. This should raise all kinds of red flags – our children today are not developing the same as they did in the past. Today we will be focusing especially on what a developmental delay actually is and exploring some common reasons for developmental delays and how they affect a child’s brain.

We are born fully formed but not fully functioning. In the first weeks, months, and years of life, there are tons of events happening in our bodies and brains as we grow and develop. These events are all interconnected and a lack of timely and proper development in one area of our bodies can have a significant impact on development in other areas. The good news is, that we can actually identify where interruptions have occurred and move forward, allowing children to get their childhood back. I hope you’ll listen in as I speak about a topic very near and dear to my heart.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Recap on last week’s episode
  • What exactly is a developmental delay?
  • Language delays due to mask-wearing
  • Common interruptions in child development
  • Signs of low tone in kids and some ways you could be contributing to it
  • Why transition is one of the biggest struggles for our kids
  • Ways stress impacts brain function

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