Effect Of Stress On The Brain In Sandy Springs

Effect Of Stress On The Brain In Sandy Springs

Chiropractic Sandy Springs GA Effect Of Stress On The Brain

Dr. Laura Hanson, DC, DICCP, NDT, is a board-certified chiropractic pediatric diplomat, neuro-developmental therapist, and has completed a Master’s coursework in Nutrition. Dr. Hanson is recognized domestically and internationally through her personal teachings to health care professionals, teachers, and parents on the progression of pediatric development. Dr. Hanson has practiced since 1996 in the area of pediatric development and brain-based patient management and is recognized as a world expert in teaching and caring for children with developmental delay at her chiropractic clinic in Sandy Springs. She has developed a unique approach to working with children with developmental delays and extends her services to couples planning a family, and pregnant women.

In this podcast, Dr. Hanson discussed fight or flight, what it is, and how it can cause everything from ADD, focus problems, Gi problems, infertility, and more. She also discussed how to tell if chronic stress is affecting you or your child, and what steps you can take to improve your health.

When Dr. Hanson had the opportunity to work on somebody, they have the potential to be locked into a stress pattern. Chiropractic work is an incredible tool to break these patterns. You are meant to be in balance. You are supposed to flow in and out of stress. You should have wavelike flexibility in your neurology but when you have a chronic stress pattern you change the feedback mechanism in your brain. When your brain gets locked in these patterns it thinks you are either always fighting or running. A chiropractic adjustment is so powerful to break a pattern.

Dr. Hanson used to believe that people needed chiropractic adjustments all the time. Now knowing more of the neurology behind the chiropractic adjustments I have learned that is not always the case. If you are in a constant aroused state, you probably don’t need constant adjustments. However, if you are under aroused, for example with ADD then you might benefit from more chiropractic adjustments in Sandy Springs.

If you want to know more about stress and its effect on your brain contact us today and educate yourself on what you could be doing differently! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team at Connect My Brain today.


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