Elaine Jordan shares her daughter’s journey with autism

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Elaine Jordan shares her daughter’s journey with autism

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When it comes to healthcare, we can approach things in a traditional way or a non-traditional way. While there are lots of good things about traditional healthcare, it often neglects to look at other tools and perspectives. Many parents find they need a mix of both traditional and non-traditional tools in order to really help their children if they are struggling. Today I had the privilege of interviewing a warrior mom, Elaine Jordan, about her daughter Lyla’s journey over the past four years. Lyla has been diagnosed with autism and also shows some of the signs of PANDAS. Lyla started out as a typical baby, but just before her first birthday, was caught in a strep cycle. The doctor kept prescribing stronger and stronger antibiotics, and while Elaine knew that this wasn’t good for Lyla’s gut health, she didn’t know what other options she had. At age two and a half, Lyla still wasn’t talking and was having severe tantrums. Eventually, a friend put her in touch with a holistic nurse and this is really what started Elaine and her family on the path of non-traditional healthcare.

I call Elaine a warrior mom because, as you’ll see when you listen to this episode, she has gone to great lengths to get help and support for Lyla. In our conversation Elaine shared some of the roadblocks she faced in getting support and a diagnosis for Lyla, how she views Lyla’s diagnosis, and her method of attack for helping Lyla function at her highest potential. Elaine also shared about her experience working with me at Connect My Brain and how the program has worked for them even though they are not local to me. Elaine is an inspiration and I’m very grateful she was willing to come on and share Lyla’s story. I love her flexibility and willingness to try new things to see what might work. If you’re a parent of a child who is struggling, I have no doubt that Elaine’s story and advice will leave you feeling hopeful and empowered.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Lyla’s medical journey over the past four years
  • The events that disrupted Lyla’s expected development
  • Side effects of antibiotics
  • Figuring out the events that caused your child’s symptoms
  • Hitting Lyla’s treatment from all angles.
  • The roadblocks Elaine hit when trying to get treatment and help for Lyla
  • Navigating a lack of support
  • How treatment works at Connect My Brain if you’re not local
  • The pros and cons of getting a diagnosis for your child
  • What Elaine would do differently if she could
  • Lyla’s progress since starting at Connect My Brain
  • Elaine’s advice to other parents

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