Empowering Parents: Moms for Liberty’s role in education and child development with Tiffany Justice

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Empowering Parents: Moms for Liberty's role in education and child development with Tiffany Justice

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Today, we have a really interesting and important conversation lined up for you. Laura sits down with Tiffany Justice, one of the founders of Moms for Liberty, and let me tell you, they cover a lot of ground.

From tackling the issue of inappropriate content in school textbooks to the challenges of social media on kids’ brain development, Laura and Tiffany don’t hold back. They talk about how today’s cultural shifts are affecting our kids and the crucial role parents play in guiding them through all the noise—whether it’s about gender identity, or the impact of tech on young minds.

We’ll also get a sneak peek into some exciting new resources Moms for Liberty is rolling out in August. Tiffany’s all about empowering parents, and you won’t want to miss her tips on how to get involved and make a difference.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Tiffany calls what’s happening now a “communist revolution.”
  • How gender identity is affecting young kids
  • Thoughts on how mask-wearing during COVID effected people’s mental health
  • How social media affects kids’ brains
  • Why parents need to step up and talk about new issues in education and tech
  • Emphasize setting boundaries and supporting kids’ development
  • Vaccine issues, transgender identity, and how rejection impacts kids
  • Advocating for children’s literature and addressing hot-button issues

Resources mentioned:

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