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Chiropractic Sandy Springs GA Functional Labs

Functional lab testing is an innovative approach Connect My Brain uses to assess the health of an individual’s body. Whether wrestling with frequent illness, discomfort after or while eating, or unhealthy behavior patterns, we excel in using results from functional labs in our Sandy Springs chiropractic clinic to uncover the root cause of you or your child’s health issues.

What is Functional Lab Testing?

Functional lab tests identify what your individual body needs on a molecular level to function optimally. We use these tests to assess your body’s hormone levels, gut health, food sensitivities, and more.

Functional Labs vs. Traditional Labs

Functional labs uncover the subtle findings, such as high normal and low normal levels in the body, deficiencies and imbalances. With some detective work, these subtle findings are often the easiest to resolve and are often the culprits for the symptoms that are left unidentified and unexplained by traditional lab testing.

How does CMB use Functional Labs in Sandy Springs?

Connect My Brain will create personalized nutrition protocols to supplement the body’s deficiencies, identify the foods that sicken your stomach and create customized recommendations, reveal gut imbalances and global inflammation, determine gut function, and optimize elimination pathways. Instead of guessing, Connect My Brain uses functional labs as a guide to direct every step of the process to heal your body at the origin of its issues. Our goal is to accomplish heath resolution in the shortest amount of time possible. Functional labs remove the guesswork and quicken the progress. CMB is your team of personal detectives that are determined to locate the root cause of what is keeping you or your child from your/their best and resolve it.

Did you know?

The term, “Within Normal Limits (WNL),” is a commonly used term in the traditional medical community, specifically with traditional lab testing. It’s not commonly known that the “Normal Limit” ranges used by traditional labs are changed every year to reflect the averages of the people who had the lab done the year before. Therefore, traditional lab testing determines the quality of someone’s health by looking at averages, rather than determining if an individual’s body has what it actually needs to properly function. The truth is that the functional component of human physiology has not changed and will never change. Functional labs in Sandy Springs compare your body’s levels to the absolute levels needed for optimal function.

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