Get out of the ditch: Addressing underlying causes before finding solutions with Dr. Richard Aplin

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Get out of the ditch: Addressing underlying causes before finding solutions with Dr. Richard Aplin

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Today I have a special guest on the show! Dr. Richard Aplin is a chiropractor based in Huntsville, Alabama with almost 40 years of experience. He is also the host of the BrainStim podcast and so as you can probably guess, we both love brains! This episode is a bit more casual and relaxed than some of my other episodes. It is really just a conversation where I asked Dr. Aplin to share some of his ideas with us and I promise you, this episode is full of all kinds of tips and some great analogies to help you understand your health, your body, and your brain.

When Dr. Richard Aplin works with a patient on a problem, he always tries to go and look at the process that caused the problem in the first place. There is a big difference between the processing that creates problems and the actual problems. He compared a health problem to a car hitting a ditch. If you find yourself in the ditch, you will do everything in your power to get out of the ditch. However, if you get back on the road and you don’t know why you ended up in the ditch in the first place, you’ll likely find yourself back there time and time again. If you address the process that is actually causing the problem you have, not only will you stop having the problem, but you will also find yourself handling additional problems that stemmed from the same initial process. No matter where you are in your health journey, Dr. Aplin shares some great insight. I’m so glad he could join me today!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Addressing the process vs. the problem
  • Why is sickness our default instead of health?
  • If you don’t figure out the cause of your problem, you’ll keep having the problem!
  • The ripple effect of one problem with one process
  • How Dr. Aplin evaluates his patients before even asking a single question
  • Addressing physics, neurology, and nutrition all together
  • Considerations to make if you’re currently pregnant or hoping to be soon
  • What a breach baby tells us about mom
  • Voxx socks and how you could benefit from them
  • Three simple things you can start today to improve your health
  • How to help your brain process vitamin D better
  • How being on a screen before bed is actually hindering your ability to rest
  • Why you should get adjusted even if you don’t think you have a problem

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