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How our development influences our ability to handle stress and anxiety with Dr. Laura Hanson

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For the past several episodes we’ve been talking about how children’s brains get wired and what kinds of things can impact their ability to thrive. So far we’ve talked about attention issues and dyslexia and really taken a close look at these diagnoses, their history, and their treatments. For the next several podcasts, we’re going to be continuing in a similar format and talking about stress, anxiety, and PTSD. I believe that traditional healthcare often looks at these problems in the now but doesn’t do a good enough job thinking about the “why” and getting to the root cause. Often these labels are considered to be life time problems, but frankly, I don’t believe that’s true.

Today’s episode will set the foundation for the rest of our conversation surrounding stress, anxiety, and PTSD. Before we can really dive into this topic, we need to understand the developmental background of these conditions. We are going to go all the way back to the beginning of a child’s life – conception – and take a look at how our bodies are wired to handle stressful situations right from nine weeks of pregnancy. In this episode, I’ll share how our nervous systems should respond to stress, how a parent’s state of mental and physical health impacts their children, what happens in our brains when we experience trauma, and how you can turn things around if you or your child are struggling with chronic stress or anxiety. I truly believe that these problems can be solved rather than just labelled.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Solving our problems instead of just labelling them
  • The problem with the traditional model of healthcare
  • Your child’s label doesn’t have to be lifelong!
  • The power of neuroplasticity
  • Why we need to talk about stress, anxiety, and PTSD
  • How your own state of health influences that of your children
  • Why we need to experience stress sometimes
  • How your nervous system is designed to handle stress
  • Why it’s not a good thing if your newborn baby is sleeping through the night
  • How the birth process influences your child’s ability to adapt
  • Why we need to look at the whole picture
  • How trauma impacts our brains
  • You can change your brain

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