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How to identify signs of developmental delay with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Welcome back to another episode of Connect My Brain. Today we are continuing in our child development series. At the beginning of this series we talked about developmental delay and what exactly it is as well as some events that might contribute to it. Today we will be adding to that and talking about how to actually identify developmental delay – what kind of red flags should we be watching for that might let us know things aren’t progressing as expected. I also talk about the preventative side of this topic – things you can do ahead of time to set your child up for success.

There are so many reasons a child could experience developmental delay. When I work with a child, I want to know where development was interrupted. Sometimes it’s as far back as their mom’s health during conception, pregnancy, or birth, but other times it’s due to an event that occurred during the child’s life. I think it’s important to talk with our children and work with them – they need to be active participants in order to get things back on track. Being able to identify signs of developmental delay is crucial in order to try to make a change. Creating new patterns in our brains and changing our developmental trejectory can be a big job, but if we’re willing to put in the work, I belive that change is possible for anyone at any time.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Signs of developmental regression
  • Red flags during conception and pregnancy and their influence on the baby
  • Working preventively instead of just reactively
  • Things I look at in patient histories
  • Regression in language skills – why it might be happening and what you should be doing about it
  • How to include your children in the process of countering developmental delay

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