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Interruptions in Developmental Milestones

Developmental delay is caused when there are interruptions in developmental milestones. Basically, these milestones are a blueprint for childhood development, and each part is essential to building the foundation in a childs’ brain. If even one part of the developmental process is missing, it can cause problems now and later in life. 

There are five main areas that are needed to build a foundation: Fine motor, gross motor, social, communication, and adaptation. Developmental delay can happen when a child doesn’t complete a milestone in any of these five areas.

Today, the CDC is planning on changing the timeline of these developmental milestones because delays have become so common. But just because something is common doesn’t mean that it is correct. And when it comes to early childhood intervention, it is possible to get our children back on track where they’re supposed to be. We can actually trace back to where the brain was interrupted and address the problem from there.

While there are many things that can interrupt these foundational developments, here is one example: Recently, we have seen an increase in speech regression since masks have become more common. This is because children are now often unable to hear words being articulated correctly or see words being formed by the mouth when someone is speaking to them. So you have all these babies and toddlers trying to grasp speech, but there’s so many details that are being missed. The dots are not being connected, which means that the idea is not sticking. 

These interruptions can lead to problems in the future, like trouble focusing, obsessive thoughts, problems sleeping, etc. This just shows how even something small can lead to a domino effect of problems, and how events like crawling or forming speech are literally essential to growing and maturing the wiring in their brains. 

Certain events need to happen, and if they don’t, it can lead to regression. These events can be as simple as holding a baby often, or exposing it to enough external stimuli. If these events do not occur, it can cause the wiring in the brain to not grow or mature properly. Physical trauma – like a brain injury or slight concussion – can also cause regression. 

Things like walkers and jumpers for babies to play in can also cause serious problems with their development. If they’re not ready to put that kind of pressure on their bodies, it can lead to physical issues like low muscle tone or even small fractures. You can actually see this sometimes, if a child’s elbows or knees are inturned. And children don’t generally grow out of these types of things by themselves. They will need external help. 

A way that you can test your child’s development is to ask them to follow a pen with their eyes. If they don’t just move their eyes, but instead turn their whole head or body, it’s a sign that could lead to a lot of fatigue on their muscles.

Despite all of the potential interruptions in early childhood development, it is possible to address these delays. We can trace back and identify the issues, and change how it impacted their development. Together, we can come up with a plan to move forward and bring your child into their optimal direction. Just call (678) 501-5172

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