Meet The Team



Dr. Laura Hanson has dedicated her professional life to helping children. When she started her practice in 1996, she noticed how quickly children responded to a chiropractic adjustment. Her experience led her to pursue a pediatric specialty. In 1999, Dr. Hanson earned a diplomat in clinical chiropractic pregnancy and pediatrics. She is recognized domestically and internationally through her teachings to health care professionals, educators, and parents on the topic of pediatric development.

Deepening her understanding and furthering her credentials, she became a neuro-developmental therapist and a certified-autism specialist focusing on primitive reflexes and the wiring of the human nervous system. Dr. Hanson also has a Master’s of Sports Science, with a concentration in nutrition, and has held faculty positions at both Palmer College and Life University from 2003 until 2012. In recent years, Dr. Hanson has elevated her focus to understanding the brain and teaching brain function to her patients, doctors, and the community. She is a board-certified neurofeedback practitioner and has grown passionately towards this therapy. Neurofeedback is an area of particular interest for Dr. Hanson as a way of treating various health concerns, such as AD(H)D, Aggression, Anxiety, Developmental Delay, Mental Sluggishness, OCD, ODD, PDD, and others. Dr. Hanson founded Connect My Brain, a state-of-the-art facility, offering a non-invasive practice that allows children and adults to reconnect with their brain by leveraging a 3-tiered approach focusing on the body, the brain, and the fuel that runs it all.

What To Expect

Connect My Brain is a place for you to get back in touch with who you are and what you want to do. Our program can be tailored to children and adults. The heart of the program includes brain mapping, functional nutrition, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and movement designed to restore your body.
Neurofeedback is the practice of self-regulation. It is not an isolated therapy but rather an ongoing practice in real-time. One that helps reveal your unique brain and how it functions so that you can gain control of your life.
Consider that when you are hungry, you receive a feedback message telling your brain to get something to eat. When you are cold, your brain prompts you to get a coat or blanket.
Science has learned that we function through feedback. So if an area is not communicating as expected, then you practice regaining the ability to control what you think and do.
We have helped countless patients overcome situations and issues they felt were insurmountable. You do possess the ability to get back in touch with yourself and regain control. Connect My Brain can help.