NeuroImmune and NeuroPsychiatric disorders, autoimmune issues, vaccines, and informed consent

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NeuroImmune and NeuroPsychiatric disorders, autoimmune issues, vaccines, and informed consent with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Today we’re going to be talking about autoimmune issues, vaccines, and informed consent. This can be a sensitive topic for some and any content around vaccines that goes against the mainstream narrative is highly censored and hard to even find. The goal of this episode is not to change your mind or shame you for your decisions or views. I simply want to present you with a different side of the story and help empower you to make educated decisions about the health of yourself and your children. At the end of the day, whatever decision you make is right for you and that’s okay.

I believe our bodies have been incredibly designed. I believe medicine is also a wonderful tool to help our bodies when they need it. But I don’t believe that everything coming from the side of “medicine” is true or safe. In this episode I share some of the things I’ve seen in my years of practice and my own personal experience with vaccines. I talk about how our immune systems are designed to work and how vaccines are designed to work as well as some of the myths and misinformation that is out there regarding vaccines and informed consent. My hope is that by listening to this episode you will have a glimpse into the whole picture and feel ready to do your own research in order to make your own decisions.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What causes autoimmune issues?
  • Why informed consent matters
  • How vaccines are designed to work
  • How your immune system is designed to work
  • The mainstream narrative is lying to you
  • Making your own educated decision
  • Disinformation around vaccines.
  • The right to say “no”.
  • Why you should do your own research
  • You deserve to know the truth

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