Neurological Stacking: Retraining the brain when conventional therapies don’t work with Dr. Geoff Abrams

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Neurological Stacking: Retraining the brain when conventional therapies don't work with Dr. Geoff Abrams

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We’ve got a jam-packed episode for you today that’s all about the amazing journey of childhood brain development and how teamwork can make all the difference for kids facing neurological challenges.

We kick things off by talking about the rising issues with autism and attention problems in kids, and our guest, Dr. Geoff Abrams, gets personal about the stress of parenting while juggling work. We’ll break down what happens in both hyper-aroused and under-aroused brains and why specialized therapies are so crucial.

Ever wondered how the vestibular system (yep, the one in your ears) affects balance and sensory stuff? We’ll get into that, plus some interesting therapies combining visuals, sound, and movement that are showing great results. And if you’re curious about tools like essential oils and neurofeedback to balance the brain, we’ve got you covered there too.

You’ll also hear from Dr. Geoff Abrams and his inspiring story about finding the right help for his sons’ developmental hurdles. We’ll talk about the importance of hitting developmental milestones, especially in these pandemic times, and how my app, Connect My Brain, can help you track your child’s growth.

It’s all about understanding how traumatic events impact kids and using neuroplasticity to turn things around. Get ready for some informative insights and practical tips to help our kids thrive. Let’s dive in and start connecting with our brains!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The benefits of having a supportive environment for getting better results
  • How tough it can be to balance work and parenting, creating a high-stress situation for everyone in the family
  • Using oils like vetiver to help with focus and boost neurology
  • Monitoring and retraining brain patterns to keep things balanced
  • How reflexes evolve into sensory motor skills and what happens if there are issues
  • The importance of going back to the basics to grasp the nervous system’s development
  • When reversing health issues, the brain needs intensity and frequency of efforts
  • Monitoring brain waves and using feedback to train the brain

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