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Nutrition 101: Energy and nutrition on the cellular level with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Working on your nutrition is definitely a job. It’s hard, and it can be incredibly overwhelming. I’m hoping that our time together will make nutrition easier to understand. Today we are focusing on the mechanical aspects of nutrition, or how the brain and body get wired up together to produce energy from the foods you eat. I look at the Energy Pathway and the Citric Acid Cycle in order to understand how your body produces energy from the foods we eat. I talk about the connection our nutrition has on diagnoses, diseases, and conditions in children and adults. Finally we discuss personalizing supplements and lab work to help us make better nutrition choices in order to get healthy down to the cellular level.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Developmental milestones, movement progression, and the neurological connections that start in the womb
  • The connection of neuro feedback, your body’s chemistry, and nutrition to attention deficit issues, dyslexia, oppositional defiance, bipolar, and autism
  • The Energy Pathway, the Citric acid cycle, and the production of ATP
  • Making energy by generating the vitamins and cofactors needed to run the citric acid cycle from the food you eat
  • The benefits of B Vitamin complex
  • The need for more information and personalization when choosing supplements
  • The best lab work to have done to aid in better nutrition decisions surrounding behavior, mood, inflammation, cardiac issues, and cholesterol
  • Food sensitivity, SEBO, and the big picture of what’s going on in the belly
  • Getting healthy down to the cellular level

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