Nutrition 101: Why should I focus on Nutrition?

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Nutrition 101: Why should I focus on Nutrition?

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Food is probably the biggest struggle for people, especially parents with children that have struggles, and nutrition can become incredibly complicated and overwhelming. Here in my practice I have a 3-tiered approach of Mechanical, Chemical, Brain. So when we talk about nutrition, it’s going to be about the chemical piece – the part that runs you and I as human beings. In today’s Nutrition 101 episode, we explore three questions on nutrition: Why should I focus on Nutrition? Why is it so difficult? And why does it demand such an aggressive approach in order to make a change? I discuss where your food comes from, oral health, gut health, and how to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle through your nutrition.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the human body runs on the food we eat
  • Considering where your food comes from and how that affects it’s nutrition and your body
  • The effects of the soil, fertilizers, and weed killers on your food’s nutrition and the toxins in your body
  • How our food affects children’s health, stamina, diagnoses, disease, and developmental interruptions
  • The health of your teeth and what food and chemicals you put in your mouth
  • Making lasting change one step at a time, not all at once
  • The chronic scenario of inflammation when eating foods that break down to sugar and the connection to kid’s meltdowns
  • Kid’s gut health, microbiomes, and sick bellies

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