The number one struggle for families in Sandy Springs trying to improve their health and supporting their children is mastering the kitchen. After working with children for 23 years, Dr. Hanson has discovered improving the gut environment is a large component of restoring a child back to their expected development. While Connect My Brain has an excellent movement and brain program, the body must have the fuel to make it “stick”.


The “chemical” part of the equation includes looking at functional labs to determine the personal needs of each child. There are several options to choose from when selecting food sensitivities and allergy tests. Many parents already know their child’s allergies, however, running an IgE (allergy) test can sometimes reveal other allergens not already identified. Not every allergen creates an anaphylaxis response, but all responses can be just as detrimental. Additional labs include a micro nutrient, lipid panel, MTHFR/COMT (genetic markers), stool, and urine. The appropriate lab test will demonstrate how well the child is absorbing and eliminating the foods from their diet. From the lab results, the child’s personal program is created.


Sometimes it is very difficult to change a child’s diet. The “picky eater” is creating an environment in their belly that drives the child to only want to eat certain foods. The “picky eater” may complain of chronic belly aches and/or act out with behavioral outbursts or meltdowns. The key to success is to heal the gut and see how the child naturally begins to want to try other foods. It is a process requiring time and patience.


Over the years, parents have had one statement in common: “tell me what to feed my child.” We look at the lists of acceptable foods and parents usually feel very overwhelmed. Parents need help, support, and direction. Connect My Brain has created a very unique Nutritional Support Program managed by one of our own moms. This Mom has been through our program and had to make drastic changes to her family’s way of eating. Her daughter’s results were exactly as expected after the inflammation inside her body was brought down. Her daughter recovered. We want you and your children to experience these same results, so we have implemented a program to help parents learn how to shop, read labels, and cook fun food that is enjoyable for everyone.


At Connect My Brain we have a kitchen where most families gather. Every day, we have a sample of a breakfast or snack item for the morning and a savory bite in the afternoon. There is nothing like having the opportunity to taste something both healthy and delicious. Come experience for yourself, healthy eating really does taste good! Join us for a dinner talk and experience the taste of nutrition first hand at Connect My Brain.