Organizing the human brain through lateralization. The history of dyslexia [Part 3]

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Organizing the human brain through lateralization. The history of dyslexia [Part 3] with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Today’s episode is part 3 of our miniseries on the history of Dyslexia. When a child does not respond to a typical medical approach to cognitive and emotional issues, that’s when an alternative approach and different types of perspectives is usually sought out – a perspective like mine. I look at the circuitry of the brain and the developmental processes that each person needs to go through. Through a developmental assessment we can literally pinpoint where things did not come together correctly and why you are seeing what your seeing right now in your child.

One of the things I learned early on as I was getting advanced training in pediatrics is there is a very important process called lateralization that is needed to organize the brain. I talk about how the circuitry of the brain, right/left dominance, and developmental milestones affect lateralization, learning outcomes, and emotional regulation that can lead to a diagnosis of Dyslexia. I also discuss looking at the body’s physical responses for root causes of academic issues, including eyes, ear, hand, and foot, that can affect the developmental sequence. Be sure to listen to the end where I share a simple test to see if your child has lateralized correctly.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Summary of last two episodes on Dyslexia
  • Why a developmental assessment can be key to understanding why your child may be struggling and how to find the root causes
  • The innate process of lateralization in the brain, coordination of circuitry, and left/right dominance
  • The permanence and effects of labelling your child with a diagnosis and categorization of mental disorder
  • Eye, ear, hand, and foot connections with cerebral dominance and sensory confusion
  • The network of connections inside your brain that allows you to perform and build upon new tasks
  • How the brain processes letters and symbols to words, reading, and understanding and the connection between the visual and spoken language
  • A simple test to see if your child has lateralized correctly



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