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Pelvic floor therapy and energy flow work with Lynn Schulte

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Today I’m super excited because we have Lynn Schulte, a very talented pelvic floor physical therapist, joining us on the podcast.

We’re diving into some super important stuff for moms, especially if you’re navigating the postpartum phase. Lynn’s going to break down why keeping your cervix mobile matters and how tweaking your bladder’s position can help stop those annoying leaks.

Plus, did you know your stretched-out abdominal muscles after pregnancy could be behind some of that stress incontinence? Lynn Schulte shares some simple exercises to get your core back on track.

We’re also chatting about the magic of visceral manipulation and how energy work can work wonders for a smoother birth. And let’s not forget the emotional side—Lynn reminds us that healing from birth trauma is always possible, no matter how long it’s been.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The effects of stretched abdominal muscles post-pregnancy
  • Techniques for retraining abdominal muscles
  • Over activation of bladder walls due to cervical pressure and c-section scarring
  • Techniques for softening tissues and calming the nervous system
  • The importance of assessing your body’s ability to birth a baby
  • Visceral manipulation and energetic work
  • Personal client experiences with energy flow and childbirth
  • Impact of mother’s experiences on baby’s subconscious development
  • Helping a woman unblock her feminine energy and resolve childbirth-related conflicts
  • Releasing pelvic floor muscles to help labor progress
  • Internal and external treatment to alleviate issues like bladder frequency, pain, and low back pain
  • Lifelong impact of c-section scarring and importance of regular scar massage

Resources mentioned:

More about Lynn Schulte:

Lynn Schulte is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist for over 30 year’s and she is the principle instructor and found of the Institute for Birth Healing. She has successfully healed thousands of women from all the issues women experience after birth and is now teaching courses to bodyworkers to help them do the same. She found a common birth pattern that shows up in the pelvis after birth and knows how to effectively release these patterns. Knowing we are more than just our bodies, Lynn works on all levels, physically, energetically, and spiritually with women to help them access their full potential. She also teaches bodyworkers how to work with the energy of the body and how to access and use your intuition in your bodywork sessions. She offers a certification process to help birth professionals become Birth Healing Practitioners.
Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University, St. Louis Missouri.

More about Connect My Brain:

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