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Seminar Testimonials

"Dr. Laura has completely transformed my 10-year-old son in just a little over a month, and I can’t wait to see his progress as his program continues. He recently lost his grandmother whom he was super close to. He was 99% shut down. Not paying attention in class, couldn’t sit still, quiet, distracted, tired, sad, lonely, distant, and just suffering on the inside. It broke my heart, and I knew he couldn’t live like this. Dr. Laura started him on a program, and he is THRIVING!!! I can finally see the child that he once was again! This past week he has learned to express his emotions for the loss of his grandmother and found hobbies that relax him. I’m just blown away at how fast we are seeing results. Thank you so much, Dr. Laura, for all you have done for Brayden! He cares for you so much and loves his sessions with you. You have made him confident in who is he and what he wants to become! I cannot ever repay you for this."

- Stephanie Z.

"Today was a very important appointment for me and my girls. Dr. Hanson is absolutely wonderful with explaining how the deficiencies in the brain affect all aspects of the body. I am EXCITED to take this journey with her to change the lives of the people that mean the most to me. I highly recommend you try to Connect My Brain before you medicate your child."

- Eugenia S.

"I can not say enough about how Dr. Laura and this journey is impacting mine and my family's life in such a positive way. I can literally see color more vividly and I have control over my actions, thoughts, and overall health. My children are showing so much progress in physical and emotional strength. We are a new and energized family thanks to Dr. Laura and now I can take the time to appreciate everything in life."

- Christine K.

"Dr. Hanson is so knowledgeable and kind to all!"

- Ann S.

"I have worked with and have seen the many successes of Dr. Laura Hanson with patients. She is passionate about her work and helping others."

- DeDe V.

"My grandsons are doing REMARKABLE since they started at Connect My Brain."

- Beverly D.


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