The Earliest Common Interruption in Childhood Development

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The Earliest Common Interruption in Childhood Development

When we are born, we are fully formed but not fully functioning. Babies need to learn to function as babies, then as toddlers, children, teenagers, and eventually adults. Along each step of the way, there are milestones that we need to reach at specific points and for specific lengths of time. This is what turns our brain into a fully functioning organ. 

Children need to have a foundation to build on, and if pieces of that foundation are not strong enough or even missing entirely, it can lead to all sorts of problems while their brain is trying to form. There are specific pieces that are needed in order for the brain to continue the building process. It’s a natural progression, but many children are missing the foundational pieces. This is what causes developmental delay.

One of the earliest common interruptions to a child’s development is a Cesarean section. A C-section is either planned or it is done in the case of an emergency. And of course, sometimes there is no other option. But if given the choice, a natural birth allows the baby to come when it’s ready, allow reflexes to integrate allowing the baby to begin developmental acquisition as expected. 

The baby brain will naturally have more pressure on it to prepare for the outside world, its body will have to complete its first movements, and its immune system will be exposed to natural and familiar bacteria before it is exposed to foreign bacteria. The baby will have the foundation it needs to continue building its brain and body.

A C-section, while absolutely necessary in emergency situations, interrupts baby’s development.

It is vital to pay close attention as a child develops, especially if this kind of interruption has occurred. The earlier an issue is spotted, the easier it is to correct.

As a parent, your instinct can often be to protect your child, which is only natural. But at the same time, there’s a balance. A child needs to learn things for themselves, and occasionally that means getting messy. In fact, getting messy is one of the best ways for a child to be exposed to beneficial external bacteria which builds their immune system. Moving about their environment is connecting the sensory motor system. 

So next time you want to stop your child from eating with their hands or playing in the dirt, ask yourself how they may be building a foundation of development and health. 

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