The far-reaching effects of pediatric stress

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The far-reaching effects of pediatric stress

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The past three years have been stressful for everyone on so many levels, and these events have influenced how your children’s brains have turned on. Today I share with you how a child’s perception of the world and of their parents or caregivers is what wires up their brain. I discuss how early childhood stress and experiences can lead to issues in self regulation, endurance, auditory processing, vision, reflex integration, communication, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, social and behavior issues, and learning outcomes. I examine a stress test response in a pediatric patient, the Moro reflex, developmental milestones, and brain organization. With more education about how stress affects your child’s development you will be able to help them make adaptations and improve their learning, behavior, and brain health.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the stresses of the last three years have affected your child’s brain development
  • The role of primitive reflexes in early brain development, self regulation, and endurance
  • Explanations of the Moro reflex and C02 breathing reflex
  • The importance of deep restorative sleep and “brainwashing”
  • Chronic stress and the effect on the sympathetic response or Fight or Flight
  • The link between unintegrated reflexes and your body’s stress response
  • Analyzing stress test responses and what to expect for a typical outcome
  • The timeline of childhood milestones and developmental delays
  • A quick test to check your child for organization of the brain
  • How lack of brain organization can show up as dyslexia and auditory processing issues
  • Educating ourselves in order to improve our children’s learning environments and outcomes

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