The importance of developmental milestones

Common interruptions in childhood developmental milestones

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Welcome back to season two of the Connect My Brain podcast! This season we are going to focus on childhood development and today we’re jumping right in talking about developmental milestones and why you need to pay attention to them. In February of 2022 the CDC actually changed the developmental milestones to match what they see happening in kids today. This means our children are not developing the way they used to and this is a big problem!

In this episode I talk about paying attention to developmental milestones and what these milestones can tell us about our kids. I also dive into the use of screen time, the way it physically changes kids’ brains, and how those changes affect our kids in the long term. I also talk about movement patterns and why things like learning to crawl and learning to walk are not just physical milestones – they’re also important for a healthy brain – and if your child is doing these things atypically, it can actually lead to faulty wiring in their brains. But don’t worry – the earlier we catch these things, the easier they are to fix. Listen in to learn more.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why the CDC’s recent update of developmental milestones is concerning
  • Why developmental milestones are important to pay attention to
  • The way screen time changes our brains
  • How physical movements are related to brain activity
  • How to test if your child’s movement-brain relationship is progressing the way it should
  • Supporting good brain organization

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