The link between body chemistry and developmental delay

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The link between body chemistry and developmental delay

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You might not have paid much attention in your high school chemistry class (or maybe you skipped it altogether), but today we’re going to talk all about body chemistry and how it relates to developmental delay and you’re going to want to pay attention. There is so much chemistry for us to talk about and I’m just going to barely skim the surface in this conversation. Our immune systems (the hallmark of how we deal with body chemistry) doesn’t mature until age 3. That means whatever is going on in a child’s body in those first three years is the role of model of how that system is going to function. When children are constantly given broad-spectrum antibiotics, their good bacteria is wiped out over and over again, and they are literally programming their bodies to be sick!

In this episode, I’ll talk about just a few ways in which our body chemistry can be thrown off balance, why that’s problematic, and some of the ways we can restore that balance. Everything from ear infections, to strep throat, to asthma and allergies is somehow linked to our body chemistry so the way we treat these illnesses matters – we need to address the root cause and balance the body chemistry before we can really help a patient. If a patient’s body chemistry isn’t properly balanced, then, no matter what we do, it won’t stick. We need our bodies to be balanced – one small thing that’s off can have a huge effect.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why ear infections are common (but not normal) and how we should be treating them
  • The problem with broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • Developmental delay linked to vestibular problems
  • The streptococcus bacteria and how it manages to stay in your body for years
  • You could actually be programming your body to be sick
  • The truth about cholesterol

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