The Miracle of KG [Case Study]

The Miracle of KG with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Today I have a very special guest on my show, Debbie Spicer. 22 years ago, after 8 years of infertility, Debbie and her husband were living in Africa and had the chance to adopt an amazing little girl whom they named Kgakgamatso or KG for short. KG’s name means miracle and as you hear her story you will realize what a miracle her life really is. At just ten days old, KG was in a car accident in a remote area. The adults with her were killed on the scene and KG wasn’t found until the next morning. KG sustained serious brain injuries from the accident but it took years to understand the full extent of her injuries. Each time KG and her family travelled back and forth between Africa and the states, it got more and more difficult for KG to get on the plane to the point where she couldn’t fly anymore. This is when I met KG and started working with her and she really made incredible progress. KG’s story is truly a miracle and a message of hope that many families so desperately need.

In this episode, we cover:

  • KG’s story: Surviving a car accident at just 10 days old
  • The process of helping KG overcome her fear of flying
  • The progress KG has made and what’s she’s doing now

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