The World of Reflexes: The rooting reflex and its importance for survival and development [Reflexes]

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The World of Reflexes: The rooting reflex and its importance for survival and development with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Today we’re continuing our series on reflexes. Each time I talk about reflexes, I’m reminded of how fascinating and far-reaching they are. Reflexes precede sensory-motor abilities so if someone has a sensory-motor deficit, it is important to go back and look at their reflexes. Development is one layer upon another upon another and if something isn’t working correctly, we have to look at each layer to figure out where things went wrong and what we need to do to move forward.

In this episode, we’ll be taking a closer look at the rooting reflex, which is probably one you’ve heard of before. The rooting reflex is really important for swallowing, sucking, and feeding. This reflex begins in the womb between 24 and 28 weeks gestation, is completely present at birth, and usually inhibits at 3 – 4 months postnatal. Listen in as I explain what the rooting reflex is, its importance for survival and development, how earlier reflexes lay the groundwork for it, and the consequences of a retained rooting reflex.

As always, I hope this episode will help you understand your child and their development better, as well as give you the tools you need to help your child move forward. Remember that changing your brain is not a quick, one-size-fits-all answer, but that with the right plan, people, and resources, you can change your brain!

In this episode, we cover:

  • An overview of the rooting reflex
  • How the rooting reflex is connected to the primitive reflexes and withdrawal reflexes
  • Reasons for a retained rooting reflex
  • Consequences of a retained rooting reflex

Resources mentioned:

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