The TriAngle of Development: Exploring the vestibular system’s impact from womb to world

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The TriAngle of Development: Exploring the vestibular system's impact from womb to world

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We know parenthood is an incredible journey, and understanding your little one’s development can make it even more rewarding. That’s why I’ve poured my heart (and brain!) into our latest podcast episode.

The vestibular system is nothing short of miraculous; it is our inner compass, granting us the grace of balance and the perception of motion.

Today, we explore how the intricate dance of a baby in the womb is more than just a delightful kick—it’s the very groundwork of neurological connections that shape our future.

The nuances of labor and delivery are presented as a symphony of movement, where the sympathetic nervous system takes the lead, then yields to a slower tempo, easing the baby through the birth canal.

Postpartum, newborns face the profound challenge of gravity—an invisible force that shapes posture, development, and exploration. Early movement serves as a recalibration for the vestibular system, syncing the eyes and ears in a dance of development.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The significance of primitive reflexes and fetal movements in the womb
  • The connection between movement and neurological connections in a developing baby
  • The role of the sympathetic nervous system in the birthing process
  • How movement slows down to aid the baby’s journey through the birth canal
  • The impact of gravity on a newborn’s vestibular system
  • The development of primitive reflexes through movement in the womb
  • The importance of addressing low muscle tone and vestibular system dysfunction in children

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