The truth about ADHD [Part 1]

The truth about ADHD [Part 1] with Dr. Laura Hanson | Connect My Brain

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This is the first part of a two part series on ADHD. ADHD is a condition has become more and more common and unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there about it. My goal in these two episodes is to really give you an overview of what ADHD actually is, the history surrounding it, and what the medications used to treat it are doing to a person’s brain.

I recently listened to a podcast focused on medications for kids with ADHD and how these medications were generally okay for kids to take. However, when kids are taking this type of medication during open windows of development, this will impact their cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems, as well as their brains!

In part one we dive into the history of the ADHD diagnosis – when it first came to attention, how it’s classified, and how the perception of it has changed. We’ll also take a look at ritalin, one of the most common ADHD medications out there, and some of the incredibly dangerous effects of ritalin withdrawal.

If you or your child are being treated for ADD or ADHD, please take the time to listen to this podcast. Education is power and in order to really make the best decisions about your care it is essential that you understand how the medical system is designed to work and what some of the issues are with how ADD and ADHD are handled today.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Introduction to two part ADHD series
  • Long-term effects of ADHD medications
  • ADHD isn’t NORMAL
  • Should ADHD really be classified as a mental disorder?
  • History around ADD and ADHD diagnosis, treatment, and public perspective of medical professionals
  • Why you need to understand how the medical system works
  • A close look at ritalin and the dangers of ritalin withdrawal
  • Understanding drug schedule categorization
  • Why early intervention is key
  • Getting to the root cause of our problems
  • Dangers of screen time for young kids

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