Using neurofeedback to help in the treatment of depression

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Using neurofeedback to help in the treatment of depression

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If you struggle with depression, you can likely pinpoint an event or series of events that has caused or contributed to your depression. It might feel like you’ve tried everything to take back control of your brain, but if you haven’t tried neurofeedback then you haven’t tried everything! Brain mapping and neurofeedback can be incredibly validating and help you make huge improvements in your mental health.

There are a number of factors that contribute to or cause depression and these factors can be mechanical, chemical, or brain related. Neurofeedback can really help in the treatment of depression, however, depression is not a simple fix and neurofeedback alone will not fix it. Neurofeedback was never intended to be a stand-alone therapy. It should always be used with other treatments and strategies to put the patient at the center of the equation and help them achieve the best possible outcome. If you’re struggling, stay hopeful! Just remember, you didn’t get here in one day and you won’t get better in one day either, but things can change and neuroplasticity is on your side!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Things to keep in mind as you listen to this episode
  • Mechanical, chemical, and brain causes of depression
  • The benefits of brain mapping
  • Using neurofeedback to treat depression

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