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What the WHO Wants to Do (and how you can make your voice heard)

At Connect My Brain, we know It’s not just about the food you buy at the grocery store or the supplements that you take. It is also the choices that you make when you’re trying to take care of your health care. That is why it is vital to be fully informed.

Amendments to existing international health regulations are being made, and most of us are not even aware of it.

Every May, the World Health Assembly gathers. 194 nations send delegates, and each nation gets only one vote, regardless of the size of that nation.

The delegates go into private rooms to discuss amendments, then bring it back to the public assembly hall. It’s a very quick question of whether there are any objections and if not, then the document is adopted. There’s no approval done by any presidents or prime ministers, no discussion among elected officials, and no awareness from the general public.

These delegates have proposed some substantial changes. Approximately 90 nations submitted 307 proposed amendments to be discussed at this year’s meeting. To put that in perspective, the current regulations are only 58 pages long. The proposed amendments are 51 pages long. So these nations are suggesting an extreme amount of adjustments.

For example, one of these proposed amendments is to change the definition of the temporary and standing recommendations that are in the regulations. Currently, those recommendations are defined as non-binding advice. The proposed amendment would cross out non-binding, meaning that the recommendations would be implemented as soon as possible. Essentially, the recommendations would become orders.

The International Health Regulations Review Committee has stated that this would change the entire function of the WHO. It would no longer be an advisory body, but instead become a dictatorial totalitarian.

They also want to change the ability of the director general to declare an emergency, not based on any data or statistics or evidence, only just based on if he determines that there is just the potential for an emergency.

Perhaps most alarmingly, they want to change one of the core principles of the International Health Regulations. Currently, it states that amendments must be implemented with full respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of people. It has been proposed to just cross that out. To erase this completely.

Each nation proposes whatever amendments they believe would benefit them. And many of these nations would like to give up their sovereignty to empower the WHO. Which would be an unwise move that would not benefit their citizens.

The way that legislature works is that it only requires a simple majority to pass a law. So if 51% of the nations agreed to give sovereign control over to the WHO, the other 49% would also have to oblige. If the majority votes yes, the rules apply to everyone.

Recently, they met in Geneva. They had 10 sessions in total, but only 4 were filmed. So 6 were completely private. This means that the average citizen is completely in the dark about what is actually happening at these meetings. They will have a working draft for the 307 proposed amendments, and will be beginning negotiations very soon. And those negotiations will be conducted entirely in private.

So the problem is that there is no public input. No average citizen is able to know what is occurring in those private meetings, nor what those delegates are willing to negotiate.

Now, if you really look into the current health regulations, you’ll start to notice that they’re not really about health. A lot of it hides the subtleties of surveillance monitoring and fearmongering. And while the regulations are currently not too bad, there are certainly some parts that need to be changed.

However, the current requirements that are legally binding and have been for decades indicate that nations need to alert the WHO, and thus the world, if there is a public health hazard. This could be a disease outbreak, or a chemical spill, or contaminated food. Anything that puts public health at risk is something that the nations need to be informed about.

The problem comes in when those in power can amend these regulations without any public input. The delegates are not elected by the public, which means that they are unknown and unaccountable. So the citizens do not know who is representing them, and have no say in the matters that they discuss. 

A lot of times during negotiations, there will be compromises. Certain things will be given up with the end goal of what the real prize is. And right now, the real prize is a global health certificate. This is also known as a vaccine passport, or a digital ID – it has many names, but the function remains the same. They want to be able to track and trace you and whoever you come into contact with. They want it to be connected to a QR code that could either be digital on your phone or just be printed on an ID card. They want to have access to everybody’s medical records, which brings up alarming implications of why they want that information.

However, when you look at the regulations, you won’t see any of this outlined. This is because the proposed amendments are not yet a part of the regulations. This means that many people dismiss these concerns as fear mongering, as the information is not so easy to acquire.

The WHO has always been allowed to make recommendations. Everything that has happened over the past few years has just been because of non-binding advice. But imagine if it were changed to a legal requirement. If everything that the WHO suggested was implemented immediately without question. 

So what can the average person do?

First, get informed and stay informed. 

Go to stoptheglobalagenda.com and get straight on the facts. Speak your mind. Say what you want to say and put it out into the universe.

Many are talking now about leaving the WHO. Their rules would not apply if we were not a member. To support this, head over to exitthewho.com.

And take the link to this blog and share it with absolutely everybody you possibly can.

As always, Connect My Brain is here to help. If you have any questions, give us a call at (678) 501-5172

You can also fill out your information here and we will contact you as soon as possible: https://www.connectmybrain.com/contact-us/


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