In Sandy Springs Why Children Meltdown

In Sandy Springs Why Children Meltdown

In my Sandy Springs chiropractic clinic I have many parents come in and talk to me about meltdowns. There are many reasons why children have meltdowns. It is very similar to working with a baby. First, you should always ask yourself if your child is hungry, tired, or if their diaper is wet. Those might be easy fixes to help with your child getting upset.

There are also other reasons why children have meltdowns. Parents have an important role in how their child will be able to handle their environment. Parents’ emotional stress matters. How are you doing? Are you able to handle the stress in your life? There are lots of problems in daily life that can cause emotional stress including traffic, finances, and job security. Mechanical stress can also affect parents. Are you able to get the exercise you need? Are you eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? There are also chemical stressors that can be affecting you as a parent. Do you have something wrong with your health that is keeping you from expressing the best life that you can possibly have? Do you have your own issues with vitamin or mineral deficiencies?

All of these examples are part of the balance of you. If your life has way too much stress in it eventually your bucket is going to tip. Your child is watching how you handle your stress, whether your child is a toddler or in high school. They are watching and learning from you. So if you have too much stress in your life, I invite you over to our Sandy Springs chiropractic clinic for a stress response test and let us see how we can bring balance back into your life.

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