Why your child’s behaviour may occur in cycles of calm and elevated

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Why your child's behaviour may occur in cycles of calm and elevated with Dr. Laura Hanson

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Have you ever noticed that your child has certain behaviours that escalate and then seem to calm down again only to reappear a time later? Why does this happen? You might be surprised to learn that the answer lies in your gut (and immune system). Our guts are full of good bacteria, but if we aren’t taking good care of our guts then these good bacteria can be taken over by bad bacteria. And, surprise surprise, our gut health is closely linked to our brain function!

It’s extremely important to understand the connection between our children’s open windows of development and their brain function. When we see a child with a history of illness, especially in their first three years of life while their immune system was maturing, we now see a little body that only know how to be sick and that’s a dangerous place to be. Take a listen to this episode to learn why behaviours occur in cycles of calm and elevated, what factors can hurt our gut biome (and brain health!), and what you can do to change it all.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Biofilms – what they are and how they’re generated
  • Factors that can disrupt gut health
  • Why your child’s behaviours go through cycles of calm and elevated
  • Red flags for immune dysregulation
  • The connection between your gut and your brain
  • Why supplements won’t fix a sick gut

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