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Widening our perspective on emotional regulation and preventing meltdowns with Dr. Laura Hanson

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For the next few weeks, we’re going to talk about different types of emotional struggles such as stress, meltdowns, anxiety, and PTSD. Before we jump into each of those topics, I want to take the time to broaden our viewpoints and understand the foundation of our emotions. This foundation is completely linked to where we are at the beginning of our lives while we are still totally dependent on our caregivers.

Why do kids have meltdowns? Before we look at the kids, we actually need to look at the parents and the caregivers. Even during pregnancy, major stress or grief in the mom’s life can dramatically impact the development and wiring of her baby. Understanding our role as parents is the most important part of raising a balanced child. If we as parents are not regulated and not balanced, we cannot teach our kids to be. In this episode I’ll share how the experiences of a parent can have a lasting impact on their children, why it is so important for adults to be regulated, some tips for helping your child navigate their emotions, and how we can help you with this at Connect My Brain.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Widening our perspectives on healthcare
  • Preparing to have a baby
  • How a mom’s experiences during pregnancy can impact her baby’s development
  • The most critical part of raising a child
  • What is a parent’s job?
  • What you should do if you want to have a baby
  • Why adults need to be more regulated than their kids
  • How to get your child moving in a different direction
  • How Connect My Brain can help
  • Tips to help your children self-regulate

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More about Connect My Brain:

Why is this happening to my kid and what can I do about it? If you’re the parent of a developmentally delayed child, you’ve probably asked this question more than once. That’s where I come in! I’m Dr. Laura Hanson and I specialize in identifying the “why” and telling you the “what.” Join me every Thursday for a deeper look at how our brains are wired and how to get the most out of your mind. Are you looking to break negative patterns, overcome mood disorders, or optimize your potential? Maybe your child struggles with ADHD, OCD or other learning difficulties. Tune in to Connect My Brain, where I explain concepts like biofeedback and neurofeedback, brainwave frequencies, and much more. Let me help you change your life by changing your mind! Contact me HERE.


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